Sightseeing at Snowcreek

Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is a rhyolite dome that began to form 600,000 years ago after the cataclysmic eruption from the Long Valley Caldera. This eruption left much of what is now southern Mono County under a mantle of rhyolitic lava and ash. Some of the material ejected from the dome's 15 volcanic vents was obsidian: volcanically-formed glass which was used by the basin's earliest inhabitants for making razor-sharp tools and for fashioning into objects of ceremony and beauty.

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Property Rating Criteria

Standard properties are properties that meet the minimum requirements.

Deluxe properties are properties that in addition to having the minimum requirements also have a king bed and a minimum 19" television with remote control in the master bedroom. The deluxe properties will also have newer furnishings, décor, paint and carpeting.